Forts in Pakistan

Pakistan, with its rich history has numerous forts in different areas. Forts in Pakistan today have become public places which are worth visiting to get a peek into the lives of lords of yesteryears who use to live in such gigantic forts.

Top 10 forts in Pakistan:

Rohtas Fort:

This one arguably is the best fort in Pakistan. It was constructed by the famous king Sher Shah Suri in 1547 AD. It is situated in the town of Dina, which is near Jhelum city and also not far from the capital, Islamabad. You can read more info about Rohtas Fort here.

Derawar Fort:

This fort is just near Bahawalpur City and the area is known for the historic monuments and forts. This is one of the largest square type fortresses in the country. The walls of the fort are 30 meters high and have a circumference of 1500 meters. This was the residence of the Royal Family of Bahawalpur and was constructed in 1733. You can read more info about Derawar Fort here.

Ranikot Fort:

This fort is also famously known as the great wall of Sindh. It is situated in the Jamshoro District and is a talismanic wonder of the country. It was build way back in 836 AD but it was again reconstructed in the year 1812.

Lahore Fort:

It is located in the heart of Lahore which signifies the brilliance in construction of the Mughal Empire. It was built by Emperor Akbar of the Mughal Royal dynasty and is still there in very excellent condition. A detailed guide about Lahore Fort is available here.

Bala Hissar Fort:

Bala Hissar Fort is located near the Peshawar City which was the residents of the Afghan kings in the early 19th century. The fort has seen good and bad times in the times of wars which resulted in destruction of the fort. But, still it is preserved in reasonably good condition which fascinates the visitors.

Red Fort:

This famous fort in Muzaffarabad is also popularly known as Muzaffarabad fort. The Chuk rulers of the area initially began with its construction but was completed much later by Sultan Muzaffar Khan in 1646.

Altit Fort:

This ancient fort is located in the picturesque Hunza valley and the collage of history with nature creates a majestic spell for the visitors. The rulers of the Hunza state constructed it some 1100 years ago for their private residence.

Baltit Fort:

This is another ancient fort just near the Altit fort which is also on the tentative list of World heritage of UNESCO. It is 700 years old fort and alterations and rebuilds were done over the centuries.

Skardu Fort:

It is situated in the Skardu valley which used to be the royal residence of the kings of Skardu. It was constructed in the 16th century and because of its so much charm, Emperor Aurangzeb of the Mughal tried to capture the fort but in vain.

Quetta Fort:

Quetta fort in the province of Baluchistan is a military garrison fortress which was constructed by the British Empire in the late 19th century. Its historic relevance and impeccable beauty makes it one of the finest forts in Pakistan.