Hill stations in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country having everything that nature has to offer. The country has forests, beaches, historical places, beautiful lakes, icy peaks and above all there are many excellent hill stations in Pakistan. People in most parts of Pakistan enjoy all kinds of weather but the charm of having a holiday on some charismatic hill station is a great joy for people living in the hustle of cities. Peak time for visiting these hill stations is in summer or spring. But, snow lovers and people into sports like skiing can take the route in winters as well.

Top Hill Stations in Pakistan:

If you are looking to explore the hilly areas of Pakistan, then following are the top places that should be in your list:

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is situated in the Swat District and it is an all year round hill station offering a lot of facilities for the tourists. People coming here in summer can enjoy excellent weather with a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Further, in winter, it becomes the top spot for skiing lovers.


Murree is the busiest hill station of Pakistan, primarily because of its easy access and lots of tourists’ facilities. It is situated just 50 km from the capital city, Islamabad. People here can enjoy excellent food, shopping opportunities and excellent sightseeing spots where the cable car chair lift is the most enthralling thing to try.

Kaghan Valley

If you are in the capital and having some good 4 to 5 days for vacation, then just head towards Kaghan. It is a place worth visiting which have beautiful locations and fast pace rivers flowing down the hills. Make sure to explore the places nearby such as Lake Saiful Maluk, Lalazar and Lulusar etc.


Chitral is a world famous hill spot primarily because of its rich history, jaw dropping scenaries and the Kailash valley. If you ever get a chance to come in North of Pakistan then don’t miss the place. Shandur Polo Ground is the highest polo ground of the world which isn’t too far from the Chitral.


Abbottabad is another excellent place after Murree which has easy access from the capital and has a lot of modern facilities for the tourists. You can enjoy excellent weather here in most times of the year and the nearby places which are recommended include Thandiani and Shimla Hill.


Now this is something serious as the place has magnificent beauty. This picturesque place has high mountains where people can trek and the flowing river just cast a magical spell on the tourists.


Patriata is about 70 km from Murree which is a beautiful place. The most exciting thing about the place is its cable car chair lift which gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire hill station.


Muzaffarabad is situated in Azad Kashmir and it is beautified mainly because of the Neelum and Jhelum rivers which flow through the hills of the place.


Skardu is a safe haven for all the trekkers, hikers and the nature lovers. The route to most of the top peaks in Pakistan goes through Skardu and it is one place that you must see if you ever look to explore Pakistan.


Quetta is in Baluchistan province and totally separated from all other hill stations. Nevertheless, this hill station is the capital of Baluchistan province having loads of facilities and opportunities for the tourists.