Mangla Dam Lake

Mangla Dam (also spelled Mangala Dam) was constructed across Jehlum River in 1967. It is sited about 67 miles (108 kilometers) from Islamabad in District Mirpur of Azad Kashmir. It is sixteenth largest dam in the world. Mangla Power Station hosted at Mangla Dam is second biggest in Pakistan and twelfth biggest hydro power station in the world.

The main structure of the dam consist of two spillways, four embankment dams, five power-irrigation tunnels and 1,000 Megawatt power stations. The dam’s two spillways are on its right side. Normal service capacity of the main spillway is 900,000 cusecs. It consists of nine gates all are 36 feet wide and 40 feet high. The second spillway is an emergency spillway. The design of this emergency spillway supports for an expansion of 48 feet in height in future.

The Mangla Dam is one of the largest earth-fill dams in the world. It is an earthen dam, 330 feet high and 11,000 feet long, with a crest elevation of 1,234 feet.

Mangla Dam was the first development project in Pakistan undertaken to reduce shortcoming of water and strengthen irrigation system. It was constructed after Indus Basin treaty of 1960 with India. The Mangla Dam power generation and water storage program initiated the construction of mega projects in Pakistan.

Mangla Dam, Mangla Lake and surrounding areas present a beautiful landscape to visitors. Boating facility is available at the lake. There is park nearby called Bhutto Park you can visit the park and enjoy your picnic there. If you have time and are interested in seeing historical places then you should visit Ramkot Fort in Mangla. Visit to this beautiful historical fort will be memorable. Hangaround, take photos and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Mangla Dam Lake Map

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