Pishin Valley

Pishin Valley is about 50 kilometers from Quetta city in District Pishin in the northwest of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It consists of thousands of acres of fruit orchards. The valley is a fertile land where several crops and fruits are grown. Pishin Valley is renowned for the greenery and is also the primary place for crop production. Besides the crops it is also famous for the growth of vegetables and fodder. Today Pishin Valley is famous for horticulture and agriculture in Pakistan.

Apart from the fruit, there is a quaint little market town which is famous for eating joints and other traditional foods. There is a man made spring ‘Karez’. This artificial spring is made in order to use the subterranean water for irrigation purposes.

The Pishin Valley is a center of festivity and colorful harvest programs and other cultural fetes. Folk dances are very popular. In spring when most of the plants are in bloom, it gives a splash of colour to Pishin Valley. Migrant tribesmen travel across the valley in autumn and spring with their herds of sheep and camels and their assorted wares for sale. This seasonal movement adds colour and beauty to the life of Pishin Valley.

In recent years Pishin Valley has become one of the important tourist attractions in Balochistan. There lies Bund Khushdil Khan. Bund Khushdil Khan is a 5km long and 2km wide tank and is one of the wonderful sights. It is entirely dependent on rainfall and snow. Today it has become a spot of duck shooting.

In Pishin Valley tourists can participate in activities like horse jumping, trick horse riding, trick motor cycle riding and dare-devil motor car driving .There is also a dog and hare race which is an important event especially during the harvesting festival. There is a fortress nearby and when sun sets the fortress looks splendid. In short Pishin is a full of life and beautiful place to be visited.


Map of Pishin Valley

Map of Pishin Valley – click on map image to see detailed map